Chase Christopher - Laguna Ca. I just loved Roger's song about Chasing Hussein, even though it's old news it's still a great song, especally for someone who served their country in the armed forces.

Jusin Carter - Huntington Beach Ca. I can really identify with that song Ridding Double, because we just had twins a year ago, and it really strikes home. We play it for all our freinds, then they want to buy the CD.

Dorthy Hunt - Champaign, Illinois . Since Roger is a local boy I wanted to hear his songs, and I love everything on the CD. I am surprised it hasn't hit the top of the music charts by now, but it probably will soon.

Jeanie Westerville - Nashville, Tn. Roger needs to come out here to get in to the game of being noticed, his songs are really loaded with feeling and pazaz. They're fun to listen to and sing along with. Good job Rog!