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Music was always a main focus around my family. My Dad played a lap steel with a little Hawaiian show group in Chicago, and also a 6 string electricwhen they first came on the market. My Mom sang with the Chicago Opera Co., And was featured in several productions, one as the star lyric soprano on the opera, “Madam Butterfly”. I knew the melody of "One Fine Day", long before I heard “Jail House Rock”. Several of the songs on this album are about my friends from the past and present, and they never cease to provide me with new material to write about.

Lately I've been performing as a One Man Band single guitar vocalsist using a digital drummer that also provides bass, so I have the sound of a 3 piece band (Guitar, Basss & Drums). It's great for small lounges, restaurants and parties.

GOLDA’S SONG is about a wonderful lady who was a very close friend of my Mother. They had a large farm just down the road from our house near Mahomet Illinois. It was a fun place to play and grow up. Her daughter, Sandy, and I spent many fun hours down along the Sangamon River, riding our trusty steed “Chocolate”, shooting holes with our BB guns in every leaf and pop can we could find. Maybe some of the truths in this tune will help you “Slow down, enjoy the dance” when you’rerushing to trying to stay even in the game of life.

I've written 9 original songs on his album, "A Little Bit Country". They are unique ballads about life and friends from different phases of my life and times. All songs were produced at my recording studio, VECTOR STUDIOS in Laguna Niguel California where I do voice-over work as well. My group, The Other Band is currently playing casual gigs, in the form of weddings, parties, and events, in the local areas of Orange County and Los Angeles Ca. I also performs as a One Man Band, using a digital drummer that has sequenced bass patterns giving the sound of an actual 3 piece band and play harmonica along with it, so he creates 4 actual instrumental sounds. When you add to this mix of instruments the amazing guitar I use called a GUITORGAN, you get a 5th sound of an actual organ. The entire package of entertainment is great for small gatherings, and parties where cost, and available space are of major consideration. If music is not on your list of desired entertainment, I do a stand-up comedy act that is hilarious, and keeps the crowd in "Bent over stitches" as it has been described by many who've seen it.
Since I have been a professional photographer for 20 or more years, I've also been hired to do the still photography at a party and can supply the host with a CD of the photos before leaving the event. My felling is, “Why just stand around on my break when I could be taking pictures of everyone adding to the fun!”

SAILING, tells about some of my friends in Marina del Rey, California. Don and Nancy Clark I must thank for many fun hours aboard their boat, the Midnight Contessa. It was always a fun adventure heading out to Catalina Island or to Redondo Beach for brunch, with all the interesting characters aboard for the trip. Edson Stroll who was a regular on McCales Navy for 5 years, has been a tremendous help to me in developing my “Signature voice” for singing and voice-over commercials, and for introducing me to Don and Nancy. Jimmy Bovie, has been a great friend, and shared my love of fast cars, and boats. When I worked for the Vector Aeromotive Corp. He was always wanting a ride in the Vector. I regret the company closed before I could take him a spin. I would love to hear your comments, and any feed-back on this album.

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At a local yacht club

roger t taylor

Here I'm at one of the largest yacht clubs in Maring Del Rey, Ca. for their yearly fishing tournament banquet.

A Short demo of a roger t taylorfew songs

Just a few songs to give you an idea of my material, song selection and overall sound. These are only a small percentage of the the tunes I perform in a 3 to 4 hour engagement.

Make sure to give me call to discuss booking times and arrangements FOR YOUR NEXT PARTY OR FUNCTION. I ALSO SET UP SOUND SYSTEMS (and will allow you to use mine when I play) FOR YOUR NEXT PARTY OR EVENT.

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What they are saying

Chase Christopher - Laguna Ca. I just loved Roger's song about Chasing Hussein, even though it's old news it's still a great song, especially for someone who served their country in the armed forces.

Justin Carter - Huntington Beach Ca. I can really identify with that song Ridding Double, because we just had twins a year ago, and it really strikes home. We play it for all our friends, then they want to buy the CD.

Dorothy Hunt - Champaign, Illinois . Since Roger is a local boy I wanted to hear his songs, and I love everything on the CD. I am surprised it hasn't hit the top of the music charts by now, but it probably will soon.

Jeanie Westerville - Nashville, Tn. Roger needs to come out here to get in to the game of being noticed, his songs are really loaded with feeling and paz az. They're fun to listen to and sing along with. Good job Rog!